Campaigns are at the very heart of UNICEF UK's work. Only with your campaigning and donations can we make a positive difference and protect the rights of children across the world. Check out and take action on the issues we're currently campaigning on and raising donations for below.

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  • Stop child trafficking. © UNICEF/HQ11-2242/Dormino

    Stop child trafficking At least 10 children are trafficked every week in the UK – facing violence, exploitation and abuse. We have the power to stop child trafficking.

  • End sexual violence against children. © UNICEF/DRCA2010-00014/Connelly

    Global Summit marks a watershed in the fight against sexual violence in conflict Join our campaign to end sexual violence against children. In war zones worldwide, sexual violence is as devastating to children's lives as bullets and bombs. Together, we can end sexual violence against children. 

  • Become a children's champion. ©UNICEF UK/2012/A.Bottini-Hall

    Become a Children's Champion Our Children’s Champions help to get campaign messages direct to MPs, who have a vital role to play in protecting children’s rights. 

  • Join the Schools Campaign Network to raise awareness of UNICEF and fundraise for charity donations at school. © UNICEF UK/2012/RobertGriffin

    Schools Campaign Network Young people have the right to speak out on matters that affect them and their peers all around the world. Join our growing network of schools and campaign for the rights of the world’s children.