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Live below the Line 2014 is taking place from Monday 28 April to Friday 2 May, and challenges you to live below the poverty line for one week. Take the challenge with us and change the way you think about poverty.

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What is Live below the Line?

During the Live Below the Line five day challenge 27,500 children will die of malnutrition. It shouldn’t be like this. The world produces enough food for every child. Today, UNICEF is doing more than anyone to stop children suffering from hunger and dying from malnutrition.

The challenge is to buy all the food and drink you need to survive for five days with just £5 (£1 per day). There are no specific rules on what you can and can’t do, it’s really up to you about how strict you want to be (e.g. using oil, or spices etc).

Get sponsored by family members, friends, and co-workers to live below the line, raising money for UNICEF’s work for children. You'll gain first-hand insight into the lives of people living below the poverty line and have the chance to make a difference.

How do I join in?

Step 1. Register

Register now on the Live below the Line 2014 website, where you can set up your online fundraising page, and access loads of materials to help you plan. 

Step 2. Read about the challenge from our past participants

Last year, over 1200 people in the UK raised an incredible £153,170 for UNICEF’s work for children. Read this blog by a UNICEF UK supporter and this one by British actor Tom Hiddleston to find out about their experiences and reflections from the challenge.

In the run up to the campaign we will be adding lots of new stories from past participants and resources to help you plan and fundraise. 

Step 3. Recruit your friends, and get fundraising

Make sure you tell your friends about the challenge you've set yourself. It's easier to do as part of a group, so see if you can get any of your freinds or family to sign up too. Be sure to tell everyone about your online sponsorship page and consider writing a blog to update them on how you're doing. 

What are you waiting for?

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If you would like to know more about Live below the Line, please feel free to get in touch with us via email at or via telephone on 0844 801 2414.

Plus, here are some great resources to help you out:

1.2 billion people live below the line every day. Could you? ©UNICEF
1.2 billion people live below the line every day. Could you?©UNICEF